Comic Brushes Pack Cabrera's blue edition


Comic Brushes Pack Cabrera's blue edition is the new set of brushes created for comic artists like you that need a realistic finish in your comics. This new pack will help you with stressing tasks like drawing bullets or chains in your comic but with extra ink brushes to achieve the best quality in your work.
The ink brushes was scanned from real brush strokes to achieve a realistic effect, the shadows will make that painful task easy as a pie!

This professional set includes 30 brushes and 6 free mods from some of the brushes:

-Zipper open (Open zipper for any cloth or bag, front view, ink style)

-Zipper closed (A closed zipper for any cloth or bag)

-Zipper closed angle 1 (A closed zipper in angle to achieve a better result)

-Zipper closed angle 2 (A closed zipper in angle to achieve a better result)

-Zipper2 closed angle (A round closed zipper in angle)

-Zipper2 closed (A round closed zipper)

-Chain 1 (Normal chain, ink style)

-Chain 2 (Pike chain)

-Rope 1 (Normal rope)

-Rope 2 (Spider web rope style)

-Stitch 1 (Crossed stitch)

-Stitch 2 (Zig zag stitch)

-Lightning 1 (Lightning with ramifications, ink style)

-Lightning 2 (Lightning without ramifications, ink style)

-Lightning splash 1 (Lightning splash in the ground right side)

-Lightning splash 2 (Lightning splash in the ground left side)

-Bullet (Mini-gun bullet)

-Bullet angle (Mini-gun bullet with an angle effect)

-Bullet back 1 (Mini-gun bullet back view)

-Bullet back 2 (Mini-gun bullet with an angle effect, back view)

-Bullet square (Mini-gun square bullet)

-Bullet square 2 (Mini-gun square bullet new angle)

-Bullet shells (Flying empty bullet shells)

-Windows side down_view (Building windows, use in the upper area of a building  to create a perspective effect)

-Windows side front_view (Building windows, use in the center area to create a perspective effect)

-Windows front_view (Building windows front view)

-Windows side top_view (Building windows, use in the area below to create a perspective effect)

-Ink brush (Scanned ink brush stroke for real effect)

-Ink smooth (Scanned ink brush stroke for real effect, perfect smooth for inking)

-Brush Chrome (Scanned chrome effect, comic style)

-Big fat brush (Scanned big brush to cover great areas)

-Gpen wet (Scanned Gpen)

-Ink shadows (Comic style ink shadows)

-Ink shadows 2 (Comic style ink shadows with reflected light)

-Ink shadows 3 (Comic style ink shadows crossed lines)

-Ink reflected light (Comic style below reflected light)

-Signature (website and copyright)

You must have a drawing tablet to get full functionality (Wacom like), and the required software: Photoshop CS5/CS6/CC+. The image you see was doing 100% with this 30 professional brushes! I hope see your own creations soon! You will receive a Zip file with the 30 professional brushes and 6 extra free brushes with different settings ready to download! Enjoy!!!

Standard Use License
License: Standard License
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For personal use and one commercial project (up to 2,000 sales or 20,000 views).


One copy to be used by a single user.

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One installation by a single user.

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